Episode 619 – Hospitalized Hacking: Droid Tether, Theme Generation & more

Proof that Hak5 can be produced under heavy medication, Darren & Shannon go over some nifty tips for tethering your Droid in Ubuntu without root access, generating themes for popular CMS like WordPress or Joomla, and more.

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A Great Week for Hacking

Build wordpress, joomla, droopal themes without code

While it’s no Geocities page creator, Shannon reviews (and mostly likes) last week’s CMS theme generator recommendation Artisteer. Shannon reviews it’s basic operation and gripes about the trial limitations. Worth $50? Maybe if you’re looking to build a dozen WordPress themes. Just looking for a one-off? You’re probably better off with a free, or even paid theme.

Droid tethering without root access

While we’re likely mere moments away from WiFi Droid Tethering [Edit: Well would you look at that], Darren has just the trick for tethering the Droid with Ubuntu without root access. Ok, actually root on Ubuntu is required but not on the droid. Easy enough Eh?

Mad props to Shannon VanWagner for putting together a simple 15-step process for tethering via USB with Ubuntu and the Droid.

And mad props again to bigmack83 for turning these 15 steps into a basic shell script. Actually a wizard would be more apt, as this script guides you through the process of installing packages, creating rules, setting up your droid and finally connecting.

You’ll need a debian based Linux like Ubuntu (but I’m fairly certain you’ll be able to adapt for the apt-less), the tether script and the Android SDK.

Read on for details from the author


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  • hexskrew

    Awesome f*&king show!!! I say this not only cause it really was an awesome f&%king show, but because you did it while heavily medicated ***I wanna see some B sides to this!!!*** In a hospital, Feeling like shnidt.. Cause I know for a fact heavily medicated or not, hospitals suck, and you and Shannon still pulled it off.

    ***Cheers*** (and Happy Early New Yearz to ya!)

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  • Ryonni

    First and foremost, Darren Godspeed with the recovery/health.
    I must say Hak5 is really outdoing themselves. EXCELLENT episode guys. Please stay on this track you are on. This is the stuff that makes me tell others to watch your cast because you won’t find others like it. I fully enjoy these types of episodes. Fantastic content!

  • djcloudychamber

    Great show guys!! It was halarious that you went over that article about hacking the spy plane drones.. I had literally JUST watched the latest Future Weapons episode where they were showing the new mini drone Israel is developing that is so small you can fit it in a backpack.. I thought to myself, “you know.. I bet there isn’t any encryption on that video feed”. I guess that article proves it =)

  • PixelatedDwarf

    Well it is nice that we answered the question that viewers have been wondering for the past several seasons – “Can Darren code on hard drugs?” 😀

    Any chance that you can do the same tethering with an Iphone?


  • Chad

    Anyone know if tethering the Droid like this will cause additional charges from Verizon? I know AT&T has a method of charging for data tethering vs. using the device’s built-in browser…

  • Soupman

    Great episode, I really liked the ‘news’ type update you had going on at the beginning there, something we should see more often! As well great content as always 🙂

    Also thanks so much for making a video whilst in hospital, (achievement unlocked?)epic dedication!!

    Hope your well, peace.

  • jimmx

    I don’t know what happen to you (slow download) but i hope you get better fast!
    one the same note I’d like to say that the only way this show could be better was to make the show downloadable though torrents (single and batch) 8k/sec for 7 hours for one xvid ep…ow!

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  • Shannon VanWagner

    Hey Darren, Just wanted to drop a note that noticed the alldroids forum no longer has bigmak’s script and so I created a python script to install the Droid Tethering capability for Ubuntu (>=9.10).

    Download it from the link below. Also, be sure to plugin your Droid first so azilink can install!

    Brief install instructions are here:

    Read more about it at my blog:

    Shannon VanWagner
    Free Yourself! Use GNU/Linux!

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