Episode 409 — HappyHakoween: Password Cracking Clusters, Remote Control Services, Wireshark Packet Filtering

Matt shows us how to turn anything into a service and provide a web frontend to manage them windows server, great for game server administration. Chris Gerling wraps up his three part series on Packet Sniffing with Wireshark techniques for packet filtering. Darren harnesses the CPU power of the HakHouse for good or evil to demonstrate cluster computing. Plus details on our Hak5 Halloween LAN Party!
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Show Notes

Matt Lestock turns any windows application into a service using instsrv and srvany and demonstrates how we use this technique, coupled with Panel Daemon to delegate game server administration at the Hak5 playground.

Chris Gerling shows us some packet filtering techniques using the network analyzer Wireshark. He covers capture filters, display filters, colors and statistics. Read more on packet sniffing on his blog at ChrisGerling.com

Darren Kitchen talks about parallel computing. He touches on grid computing and massively parallel processors though he mainly focuses on clustering. Darren demonstrates simple windows password cracking techniques using an openMosix based image and discusses the theory behind setup. Darren has a lot of further reading for you to check out on his blog and would like to hear your feedback about building the Hak5 beowulf cluster!

And on a production note: We’ve switched over from a standard-def composite based video mixing solution to a high-def HDMI based system. Unfortunately until we get a Mac Pro and switch to Final Cut Pro for editing we’re unable to release a 720p version of Hak5. But we’re well on our way to bringing you guys truly high def technolust thanks to everyone who has continued to support this cause. Thanks!


  • Scorpion

    the sound was out of sync but i got use to it plus if you downloaded it use vlc and you can adjust the audio sync (i had a flim like that 2.0sec’s off) very nice episode, i would love to have a cluster here but all the machines here run windows all day so no chance of that 🙁 . Can’t wait for next episode.

  • Lord Zalzer

    Scorpion Thx for the info about VLC didn’t know that feature actually nice to know … really good episode as allways, can’t wait for next week.

    Quite interesseting with the Cluster segment, and even more so with the USB boot distro Darren talked about at the end of the segment.

  • heatgap

    Awesome show. To answer some previous comments, I am pretty sure there isn’t a 2 CPU Xeon (8 core total) Mac Book Pro… So obviously the answer to your question is they are borrowing Paul’s Mac Pro ( tower mac) that has 2 CPUs (8 cores) total.

  • blackburried


    MPI _is_ a standard, there is a standards body, there are versions I and II. Implementations may deviate from the standard… but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a standard.

    Nearly all Linux clusters are _not_ SSI and have no process migration, they are distributed (and don’t try to hide it under a .5-assed attempt to look SSI). Until interconnects transfer memory at <500ns latency app-to-app, SSI is just an academic pipe-dream (we’re currently at 1.5usecs latency w/ IB). Given Don Becker coined “Beowulf”, and has pushed his SSI (see scyld.com), then “Beowulf” can be constrained to meaning SSI-only clusters… but there are very few of those.

    MPI doesn’t need SSI, and works better on distributed clusters w/o it. This excludes true SSI systems, like SGI’s Altix (where MPI works as well).

    Chaos is a distro from http://www.llnl.gov/linux (not from a university)… see their “Projects” page.

  • WJ

    As always the show rocked. rly…. if you don’t like it stop watching.
    Nod on the ta-tas… they are really nice!
    Keep up the good work!


  • compaq

    now you got m thinking. it would be great if you could get a cluster together and run aircrack to crack wpa passwords.

    I have been playing around some and found chaos works on older pc. my new gemstone doesn’t work and my atom. my older amd 3500+ works and my old desktop @2.53 ghz works.

    cluster knoptix I will be playing around with but can’t seem to get it to work.once I get it to work I will begin seeing if aircrack will work.

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