Hak5 at CES 2011

The annual Consumer Electronics Show has come to an end, and along with all the cool new products, surprisingly there were even more wacked products on the show floor than usual.

We’ve wrapped up the wackiest, weirdest, most bizzarre and biggest FAIL products from the show floor this year, guaranteed to surprise, delight and keep you LOLing and ROFLing with glee.

Here’s a partial list of our dubious winners:

Angry Birds – the board game: That’s right, soon you’ll be able to play an IRL version of Rovio’s Angry Birds. The pigs are running scared already. From Mattel

Nanda Home Tocky & Clocky: Having trouble getting up in the morning? Did your iPhone alarm clock fail at the worst possible time? Well these wacky alarm clocks just don’t take no for an answer. They bounce around, roll crazily on the floor, and basically offer more annoyance per square inch than a teething toddler.

Be A Head Case: Speaking of the iPhone – and just in time for the Verizon iPhone, this here’s an iPhone case designed for all you Bubbas out there. It includes a built in beer bottle opener – and a belt clip to disguise it!

iGrill: And what goes with beer better than charred meat? But not too charred (and not too rare either). This wireless meat probe from iDevices connects to your iPhone and lets you know just how hot your meat really is.

There’s tons more, including a couple of exercise toys that flog the dolphin even better than the Shake Weight balls that you control with your iPhone, and even USB jewelry (so pimp).

The list also includes the Sifteo Cubes, available in Fall ’11 for $149; the Nanda Home Tocky & Clocky, available now for $69 and 39 respectively; the Matel Angry Birds by Rovio board game, available in May for $15; the Chic Buds, available in Spring ’11 for $34.99; the “Be A Head Case” bottle & can opener case, available now for $24.99 with free iPhone app; the iDevices iGrill, available now for $99 with free iPhone app; the Dynaflex Dynamax Core Trainer and Powerball Gamer, available now for $249 and $50 respectively; the Speakal Cool iPig, available now for $169; and the Orbotix Sphero, available Holday ’11 under $100.

Plus a bunch more weird stuff from the show floor like electric skateboards, remote control balls and USB jewelry.


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