Do you have what it takes to compete in the Crack The Code Challenge? Test your skills in our private lab network and bid for the title supreme leet hax0r. Winners will be featured on future episodes of Hak5!

How to play

  • Sign up for a free trial of GoToAssist using the coupon code “HAK5”
  • Submit your 9-digit support session code using for form below
  • You will be connected to a computer on the Hak5 Lab network
  • Once connected you will be presented with a challenge in the fields of systems administration, penetration testing or reverse engineering
  • Use skills demonstrated on Hak5 and the tools provided, or feel free to use the GoToAssist Express upload function to bring your own tools.
  • The official chat room for the event is irc.hak5.wpengine.com #hak5

Sign Up


Challenge 1:

    • Netshroud


Challenge 2:

      • Netshroud
      • Leo
      • Tristan
      • Jellyfish
      • ThisDB
      • Lon

Challenge 3:

      • Netshroud
      • Tristian
      • Paul
      • Sork
      • Richard
      • Raging Cake
      • Jankins
      • John
      • Joey

Challenge 4:

      • DRAW

Challenge 5:

      • JudaZuk/li>
      • CanadianTaco/li>
      • Bas/li>
      • ThisDB/li>
      • adrianke/li>
      • Fredrik/li>
      • Mike/li>
      • Edmund/li>
      • Adammw111/li>
      • Julian

Past Challenges

Here we present payloads and walkthroughs from past challenges for your enjoyment. Some challenges are dependent on a special environment setup on our lab network, others are self contained within the payload. Typically all of the tools required to complete the challenge are included. The walkthrough videos show how to successfully complete the challenges.



CCC1 Review

CCC2 Review

CCC3 Review

CCC5 Review


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